Monday, October 29, 2007


If you speak for a living, whether you are part time, full time or BIG time, be guided by strategies that get you the bookings. Here is what my 25 years of booking and coaching speakers have taught me.

Speak on a topic you have passion for AND others need to hear. (you can't lose with topics like wealth, health and relationships)

Be a perceived expert on what you speak about. (your studies, life and work experiences)

Create a sexy, sizzling title. Put your benefit(s) in your title, if possible.

Collect your material - from the plane, at the check out counter, and your kids/grandkids say the darndest things.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Don't memorize your speech, but become very familiar with its content.

Remember it is about them, not you - be very present with each audience - their needs and responses. AND have fun!

The Coach thinks . . . to be a public speaker is a privilege and an awesome responsibility.



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