Monday, October 22, 2007

How do you Find a Topic to Speak On?

People are always looking for solutions to their problems. Do you have an expertise that can help people solve their challenges and frustrations? Ask people to see what bothers them. Find out what they need to achieve their goals.

First, you must have a passion for what you would like to speak on. Next, see if your topic would be welcomed and needed by many people. Then come up with a speech that presents several points (ideas) to help people take action, think differently, get from A to Z.

Start collecting material - stories and concepts are everywhere. Find them in the supermarket, at a restaurant, on an airplane, at a movie, in your home with your family. You must write down everything you hear or see related to your topic.

Purchase a mini-cassette recorder and carry it with you as you would your cell phone.

Place a pad and pencil by your bed nightstand and when you get an "aha" in the middle of the night, get up and write it down. Retrieve and retell these stories to your audiences.

Find that one special "signature" story that belongs to you and sets you apart from other speakers. You know, the one that people will love to hear because it is inspiring, motivating, and/or humorous. Then they will remember you and refer you to others and ask you back again.

Are you ready to take the challenge to provide a thought-provoking presentation that will get people to think differently, to be inspired to take action, to garner insights about their lives, to question some of their goals?

Perhaps Marcel Proust said it best. "Instead of seeking new landscapes, develop new eyes."

(C)2007 Sandra Schrift


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