Saturday, April 21, 2007


“What kind of work do you do?” The question we often hear
at networking events. If you need some help on how to improve
your “elevator speech,” here are some tips that work for me.

1. After introductions, focus on what the other person does. Ask about his concerns and his strengths
2. Find out who is his ideal customer. This gives you time
to think about someone who may benefit from his service/product
3. Ask lots of questions – people love to talk about themselves
4. When it is your turn to speak, demonstrate your passion
and enthusiasm about what you do. This is connection.
5. Explain what results you bring to people. For example:
“I coach business professionals to become more masterful
and persuasive in their speaking presentations.”

The Coach has learned . . . that less is more – create the interest
for the listener to ask you more about what you offer. It is about
opening the relationship to close the sale!


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