Thursday, March 29, 2007


Many of my clients who are professional speakers ask if they are telling anybody something they don't already know or need to hear. But they go on because they are compelled to use the spoken word to inspire others to think or act differently. For them, speaking is a deep pleasure. What speakers do is speak; they just can't help themselves. But isn't language the center, the essence? People are defined by their language. It is how we arrive at our concept of life, of death, of sorrow and of joy. And so the speaker produces a presentation than can be shared and somehow must be.

My meditation teachers and readings remind me that language is really a problem for us because it makes us suffer. If I could not express my dissatisfactions through the spoken word, would I be happier? But what would my life be like if I could not talk about them?

So when we speak we are sharing and inspiring. We speak because we must!

The Coach thinks . . . that a speaker is incomplete until he/she has an audience to listen.

(C) Sandra Schrift


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