Thursday, March 22, 2007

On Footprints - Leaving your Legacy

From time to time, I attend long spiritual retreats. In the mornings, I take long walks. One morning I particularly was present with my footprints on the earth and mused about all the other footprints before me and those yet to come. And this is what I wrote:

Each morning I walk over the footprints of time.
I think, when did they arrive?
Are they somewhere here with me now?
Have they gone elsewhere to be seen by other eyes?
Some are small, some are large,
Leaning to the left and to the right.
Always, they precede me and follow me
As I feel the weight of the earth beneath my moving feet.
So many stories - unknown to me now and maybe forever.
Somewhere, I search for my mom and dad's footsteps.
Surely they are here - and are being held by the compassionate earth.
Because, finally, all of our footprints come home.

(c) Sandra Schrift



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