Sunday, February 18, 2007

On 400plus Speakers

Four hundred plus speakers gathered in Denver from Feb. 9-11 for the National Speakers Association winter workshop. We mingled, hugged, learned much, laughed and cried. (oh yeah, we ate too) And here are a few of the takeaways:

The world does not change one person at a time. Change occurs through our interdependent relationships. (Meg Wheatly)

Fearless speech is found through the heart. (Meg Wheatly)
Our lives are still about R- commerce (relationships) not E-commerce. Relationships still matter most. (Terry Brock)

Be the resource to your clients - be the 'Go To' person (Terry Brock)

If you build it and they didn't come, they did not want it. (Chad Hymas)

We fall in love with potential - we get caught up with ideas we never use. (Valerie Cade)

The Coach is reminded . . . great speakers ask the right questions and are also great listeners so as to become a resource to their clients.

(C) Sandra Schrift -


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