Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How to Give a Talk to Market Your Business

How to Give a Talk to Market Your Business

One of the best ways to extend your services is to secure
coaching contracts after a speech. When you speak, the
audience only gets you for an hour. If they really want to
learn what you shared with them, coaching is the benefit you
provide. Use your speech to inspire them to learn more. Then
let them know you can coach them, as individuals and groups,
to actually “be” more.

When you have an opportunity to speak to a group for free or
for a fee, they are not buying your speech . . . they are
buying your solution that will fix their problem. Be
coach-like in your presentation and demonstrate what it
would be like to work with you as their coach.

You aren’t talking about coaching. You are there to
demonstrate coaching. Think of yourself as an expert who is
addressing the audience’s challenge and is providing “how
to’s” to solve their problem. Here is what some of my
clients speak on: direct mail marketing, security issues in
the workplace, how to lobby the government for your special
interest, ethics in the workplace, follow your dreams,
financial planning, a doctor and lawyer who want to speak
about what is wrong with our healthcare system and how we
can change that.

Begin each talk by asking yourself 3 questions.
1. What action do I want my audience to take after my speech?
2. What do they need to know to do this (content)?
3. What do they need to feel to do this (emotions)?

Remember, you will get hired as a coach for the power of
your content, and get paid (or referrals) for your delivery!

To persuade an audience, we must get in touch with their
feelings, and reveal that our own feelings are in harmony
with theirs. When we can do that emotionally, and
truthfully, we will have won their trust . . . and will get
repeat business, referrals to new clients, and requests for

Remember to use stories about your clients so you can subtly
remind your audience that you are a coach, and your clients
are achieving what the audience would like to achieve.

In addition to platform speaking, you can also be a guest
teleclass speaker, conduct your own teleclasses, provide a
radio interview, start your own virtual university ( I did
in 1998 – Speakers University – which I still operate today)

Here are some of the hot topics:
1.Knowledge Management
2.Filling Multiple Roles in the workplace
3.Creating Change skill sets
4.Ethics in the workplace
5.Time/task management
6.Stress Management
7.Increasing worker/employee productivity
8.Blending people and organizations
11.Leading, managing and surviving change
13.Strategic Planning
14.Humor (as a stress handling technique)
15.Negotiations techniques
16.Handling difficult people
17.Conflict resolution
18.Communication Skills
20.How to achieve Balance in your life
21.Health and Wellness (to do’s)
22.Programs specific to women’s issues and family issues.
23 Soul at Work
24.How to be a Brand
25.Serving your customer well

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and/or persuasive message? Contact me at sandra@schrift.com

Sandra Schrift 13 year speaker bureau owner and now career
coach to emerging and veteran public speakers who want to
"grow" a profitable speaking business. I also work with
business professionals and organizations who want to have
masterful and persuasive presentations.
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