Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Learn to take action NOW!!

Don't get caught in the activity trap -
Learn to take action NOW!!

One of the most basic distinctions to make in our lives is the difference between action and activity.

Action is what achieves our goals, moves our business and personal lives forward, produces what we want out of life and actually gets the job done. It is immensely rewarding but is also very likely to be difficult and challenging.

Activity is all the things we fill our lives with in order to avoid taking action. Strangely enough activity often looks better than action to our colleagues or even to ourselves. If you are an executive or run your own business then productive, focused thinking must be one of your action priorities. Unfortunately thinking often appears to be "lazy", compared to making phone calls, dealing with email, attending meetings and generally rushing around.

You can be pretty sure you have fallen into the activity trap if:

You never have time to think. (Thinking should be your number one top priority action)
You work through lunch and don't have a definite finish time in the evening. (Lack of proper breaks reduces your working efficiency)
You don't have time for exercise. (Lack of exercise reduces your working efficiency and shortens your life span)
You don't have time for a personal life. (If your personal life isn't a top priority for you, what chance the rest of your priorities make any sense?)
You never have time to do the things you really want to do. (What's the point of all that work then?)
You are constantly doing things which anyone else could do. (You should be concentrating on the things only you can do).

Author: Mark Forster

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