Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finding Your Bliss

As a career coach to emerging professional speakers, I know that my clients have a passion for their subject of expertise and know that there are audiences who need to hear what they have to say.

The following article was written by a colleague, Lyle Lachmuth MS (Organization Development) The Unsticking Coachâ„¢

'I suspect the following is true for all career seekers and workers. BUT, since I'm talking about creative, eclectic, multi-talented professionals then . . .

What IS true success for a Genre Buster(TM)?

It consists of finding yourself at the Nexus of:

Doing what they love,
Having the talent to do that, and
Getting paid for it!
That's Paradise!

Here's are 3 versions of Hell:

#1 You have a mad passion for something and think you would love to do it, e.g. singing, BUT don't have the TALENT.

#2 You love something, you have the talent, but nobody wants to pay for it.

#3 You've got the ability and people want to pay you for it, but you hate doing it!

What's it take to Find that Bliss?

First, know what your Talents really are.

Then, uncover your Interests, your Gifts.

Finally, learn how to promote the heck out of yourself!!"

So how do you do these? Get a Coach... like Lyle.

And when you find your bliss and would like to become a highly paid professional speaker, then coach with Sandra.


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