Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Speaking Points

If you speak for a living, whether you are part time, fulltime or BIG time, you need to be guided by strategiesthat get you the bookings. Here is what my 20 plus yearsbooking and coaching speakers has taught me.Speak on a topic you have passion for AND othersneed to hear. (you can’t lose with topics like wealth, health andrelationships)Be a perceived expert on what you speak about. (thiscomes from your studies, life and work experiences)Create a sexy, sizzling title. Put your benefit(s) in yourtitle, if possible.Collect your material – it is everywhere (on the plane, at thecheck out counter, and your kids and grandkids say the darndestthings)Prepare, prepare, prepare. Don’t memorize your speech, butbecome very familiar with its content.It is about them, not you. Keep the audience’s interest withgreat content, personal stories to support your points, tonal variation,humor and interactive exercises.

The Coach thinks . . . to be a public speaker is a privilege and anawesome responsibility.


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