Friday, September 22, 2006

On One to One

Kelly Robertson of the Robertson Training Group gives us
some smart steps to take one by one to impact our revenues.

1.Make one more cold call every day. One extra call per
work day equals 260 calls in a year. How many can you turn into meetings?
Into sales?
2.Want to outpace your competition? Then invest one day
per month developing your skills. Attend workshops, conferences,
teleclasses and webinars.
3.“The early bird gets the worm.” Get to the office one hour
earlier in the morning – fewer distractions, better chance to reach
the decision makers. Achieve more in that 60 minutes than in
several hours.
4.Be more of a partner than a supplier to your customers/clients.
Instead of trying to sell them something, focus on learning about
their challenges and suggest one more idea to help them improve their
5.Send one more handwritten thank you card. Send a note when their
company is written up in the news or just thanking them for
their order.

The Coach thinks . . . there is much power in this tiny number ONE.
Do you have a story to share about one to one?

Sandra Schrift


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