Saturday, August 19, 2006


Nervous at the podium? You are not alone. According
to The Book of Lists, public speaking is the #1 fear among
adults. So here are some tips to take the jitters out of your
next presentation:

1.Accept your fear and realize that most people cannot
sense your nervousness – so stay cool and don’t mention
that you are nervous. Focus on your enthusiasm.
2.Arrive early and get comfortable with the room
and any equipment you need to speak. Greet people
as they arrive. This will put you at ease.
3.Most professional speakers do some deep breathing
before they speak. Do this about 4-5 times.
4.Speak often – best antidote to minimizing your nerves.
Soon you will be comfortable and actually enjoy the experience.
5.Know your audience – be sure to research the company
or organization before you speak to them. What are their hot
buttons? Their needs? What outcomes do they want from you?

The Coach sez. . .remember, it is about them, not you!


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