Sunday, April 23, 2006

Derek Gehl's 12 Step Process for Effective Email

Here is a synopsis of Derek Gehl’s talk revealing a 12 step process for effective email marketing…

1. Keep your email short - 3/4 of a page works best.

2. Relate your first paragraph to your subject line.

3. Put your sales copy on your web site, not in your email. Your email should be used as a teaser to get people to visit your site.

4. Present your offer or solution.

5. Create urgency. If they don’t act now (while reading your email) chances are they never will.

6. Focus on only one call to action.

7. Avoid mention of price / cost otherwise they will say “no” prematurely.

8. Focus on YOU - the reader.

9. Merge personalization into your email as much as possible.

10. Keep paragraphs short - max 4 lines

11. Mix up sentence length. Don’t over format otherwise it looks like a professional offer rather than a personal message from a friend.

12. Always include a P. S. that restates the main benefit of your offer and a call to action.

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