Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ten Tips to Motivate your Audience in to Action and on to your Website

by Kendall SummerHawk

Tip #1 Know YOUR outcomeTo get their name and email address!

Tip #2 Know THEIR outcomeReceive valuable information and to experience something special. What emotion does your audience most want to experience?

Tip #3 Timing is everything!Make your offer or invitation in the MIDDLE of your presentation, not at the end. Why? Because no one expects it which means you'll have their full attention.

Tip #4 The pause is the most powerful communicating skill you possess!Pausing before and after you say something adds power and control to your presentation. It marks out what you are saying as important and commands attention.

Tip #5 Motivate your audience out their seats and into actionHow? By making a compelling offer. It’s not just a report, white paper, audio mini-course, e-course, or tips list. It’s an offer that grabs them emotionally! Be provocative or evocative. Go to the edge of what you believe in and don’t hold back.

Tip #6 Hold up a copy of your free offer so your audience can see it but DO NOT give it out yet!Remember your outcome—to collect their name and email address.

Tip #7 Use one of these magic phrases for instant interest“How many of you would like to know…” and “For those of you…”

Tip #8 Ask them to add you to their "email friend’s" list in their email program as soon as they get back to their computer so they don’t miss out on this valuable information.

Tip #9 Send a thank you follow up email to everyone. You can see the exact email message I use by subscribing to my “free stuff” offer. Just fill in your name and email address below and you’ll have instant access to my free report called “Stop Losing Leads! How to Turn Your Audience into Qualified Website Visitors”

Tip #10 Negotiate ahead of time to get the complete conference attendance list.Note this is the complete list, not just the attendees of your session. You can even choose to reduce your fees a bit in exchange for this.
courtesy of Kendall SummerHawk


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