Monday, October 24, 2005

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Niche

I am often asked by speakers how important it is to have a “niched” topic to speak on. I answer by saying that program chairs and meeting planners expect a speaker to be an expert on which they speak. However, it is far to expensive to create a new niche, but very valuable to serve a niche that it is demand. As a speaker, you can have a niche topic or a niche with your target audience. (or both) Below are ten benefits to having a niche.

Top 10 Benefits of Having a Niche

1. Increase your credibility as an expert – gaining knowledge and experience within your niche immediately sets you apart from most other small business owners who are generalists

2. Increase your perceived value – people can easily see the value of what you offer, and potential clients recognize that you’re the solution to their problem

3. Turn your competition into colleagues and referral sources

4. Attract higher quality clients – attract the kind of clients you truly enjoy and can best serve

5. Improve your marketing decisions – you’ll know exactly who you want to reach, where to best find them, and how to best spread the word about what you offer

6. Improve your marketing effectiveness – you’ll see much better results from your marketing time, money, and energy

7. Decrease the time spent marketing – all your marketing activities will build on each other, so you’ll be creating a powerful marketing engine

8. Simplify your business – instead of trying to be all things to all people, you’ll be able to focus on your niche, gain powerful experience, and simplify your office operations

9. Command higher fees – clients are much more willing to pay higher fees because they know they’ll get the results they want

10. Generate more referrals - it’s much easier for people to talk about what you do to the people who most need what you offer

About the author:
Sue Rasmussen specializes in helping professionals discover and develop their own custom-made, thriving, profitable niche.


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