Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Written by Coach CJ Hayden http://www.getclientsnow.com

Double your aid to hurricane victims
Watching the news over the last few days about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I have been shocked, saddened, frustrated and angry about the slowness of relief efforts to reach thousands of people who are in danger and suffering. Everyone I talk to seems to feel the same. One of the best remedies I know for this type of righteous anger is taking action. By doing what you personally can to change the situation, you can channel your frustration in a productive direction.

The primary need right now is for cash donations. The devastated area of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama is approximately the size of Great Britain. Over half a million people are currently refugees. They have lost not only their homes, possessions, and jobs, but friends and family members. The communities they lived in no longer exist. It's not just the buildings that are gone, but roads, water lines, sewer systems, electricity, and phone service. Rebuilding this infrastructure will take billions of dollars and many, many months. And meanwhile, all these people will need housing, food, clothing, and resettlement assistance.

Many sources have been urging us to donate what we can to flood aid for the Gulf Coast, and reminding us that many employers are willing to match our contributions. If you work for an organization that will be matching donations, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to double your contribution. But what about those of us who are self-employed? How can we get our donations matched by a corporate donor?

Please spread the word to your self-employed friends that many corporations are extending their donation matching programs for Katrina relief to customers and members as well as their employees. Be sure to watch your email and media ads for offers like this from companies that you do business with. Here are a few matching programs I've been able to discover. If you know of more groups that are matching donations, please post a comment here with the details.

Loewe's stores will match in-store customer donations to the Red Cross up to a total of $2 million.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans will make a 50% match of all member donations to Lutheran Disaster Response and three other organizations up to $2 million.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Warner Bros. Entertainment will match contributions to the Red Cross made via the show's web site up to $500,000.

Sears and Kmart will match customer donations to the Red Cross made at Sears and Kmart stores up to $500,000.

Sovereign Bank in the Mid-Atlantic and NewEngland regions will match donations to the Red Cross made at its banking offices up to $50,000.

Commerce Bank in Philadelphia, New York, and DC will match contributions to the Red Cross up to $50,000 for users of its Penny Arcade coin-counting machines.

Price Chopper stores in NY, PA, VT, CT, MA, and NH will match customer donations to the Red Cross up to $50,000.

BI-LO, Bruno's, Food World and Food Max stores in Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee will match customer donations made to the Red Cross at checkout up to $25,000.

Hollywood Super Markets in Detroit will match donations made to the Salvation Army at their stores up to $10,000.

Strengthen the Good will match all donations made to the Red Cross at their web site up to $3,200. This total may increase as individuals contribute their own matching funds here.

Try to take advantage of one of these offers to double the amount of your donation. But regardless of how you donate, please give what you can.

My thanks to N.Z. Bear's The Truth Laid Bear for encouraging all bloggers to focus their efforts this weekend on Katrina relief. If you make a contribution as a result of reading this post, please add your contribution to his log of donations made by blog readers.

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