Friday, September 30, 2005

Three Ways to Profit from Articles

by Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Internet Strategist for Small Business

People come online looking for information. They search for information. When they find good information they pass it on to their friends. In short, the online game is information.

But a lot of information doesn't cost a penny. In fact, that's the way most people like it.

So how do you profit from providing information? Here are three sure-fire methods for generating revenue with articles.

1. Use an article to get links to your site. This is essentially your "payment" for letting someone publish your article. And that link is worth gold! To the search engines, a site with a lot of incoming links is a "popular" site. So they put the more popular sites toward the top of the listings when someone searches.

Some site owners pay $10 to $100 per month for a link coming into their site. Other site owners are busy for several hours per day requesting links to their sites. You can skip the expense of time and money when you offer an article. You get the link and the publisher gets great content.

2. Use a compilation of articles as a bonus or a give-away to encourage sales or signups. Since most people are already inundated with more email than they can handle, they are hesitant to sign up for yet another newsletter. But when you are able to offer them good information (remember, that's why they're online!), they are more likely to share their name and email.

The bonus is that you get off to a good start with building the relationship because you have provided good information - in the form of a group of articles.

3. Use articles as adsense fodder. Adsense is the Google advertising program that pays you every time someone visiting your site clicks on an ad. So you can use articles as the content while Google supplies the ads - and pays you!

Now you often don't want to have people leave an article you've slaved over yourself and that is likely to bring you more business. But if you provide a lot of additional information on a topic, then you don't mind making the immediate revenue from a click. So adsense makes sense!

Regardless of the approach you take you need to be using articles, both to promote your business and to generate revenue and signups.

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