Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What all Successful Speakers Have in Common

Do you know what all successful speakers have in common? No it is not talent or extraordinary speaking skills. They all understand that they are in the Speaking Business. They all market themselves. They all promote themselves. And they all Network.

Speakers who only write and prepare speeches who nobody gets to hear, because they did not know how to market or promote their services remain financially impoverished. The speaker who is also the businessperson knows how to promote and market their programs and build that buzz that is necessary to create a need for their programs. A member of the National Speakers Association once said, “All speaking is Show Business.”

Approach it as a hobby, and you can expect hobby-type results.
If you love to speak, then you must speak anywhere in the world!
Approach your speaking career as a business, and you will get great result$.

The Coach sez . . . when you are doing what you love to do because you love it, you can overcome any obstacle.

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