Saturday, July 16, 2005

On Being the Best

Be not only the best, be very innovative and different. It is figuring howyou sell yourself, your product, your service in a radically differentway. Maybe you sell books over the Internet rather than selling them frombookstores. And you create a thing called and maybe you saidtwo guys are nuts to compete with Barnes & Noble. But they thought of adifferent way to get out ahead of everybody in this evolving world.

The Coach asks…are you a visionary so that you can stay 3 years ahead of thefuture and be ready when it comes to serve it? If you need help, contactBill Gates and ask him if his parents thought he was nuts!


At 8:08 AM, Blogger Bill Lampton, Ph.D. said...

Very true, Sandra. Here's an illustration I often use with audiences: Imagine when an entreprenuer went to his banker and said he had a superlative idea that would make millions of dollars, because the public would flock to his product. The banker says, "Tell me about it." The applicant says, "I am going to bottle water and sell it." The banker replies that there are water fountains in service stations and many other places. The water is free there, so no one would pay for water. The banker denies the loan. Imagine the banker's chagrin when bottled water becomes immensely popular, proving that people will pay for what has been free if they are buying convenience and purification. So in our own careers, we need to realize that our crazy ideas can become tomorrow's fad, or even necessity.


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